My name is Marieke (also spelled ma3ke). My professional nouns are she/they. If I were cool, I would say computers fear me, but actually computers feel pretty indifferent about me. Though they are all like wow really cool keep it up you are like,, so impressive rn to me so that’s pretty nice honestly.

My software life is one of those that makes it extremely hard for others to use my computers. It is even hard for myself sometimes. But also, I really like it that way. Most of my programming is in rust. If that makes you angry, I get that. Also quite used to python for science reasons.

I do things in Dutch and in English. Occasionally Frisian.

I am a BSc in Biology–Molecular Life Sciences and working towards my Master’s in Biomolecular Sciences. And I do in fact know a thing or two about the molecules of life. My research interests are in computational methods, molecular dynamics, and analysis of biological structures. My background in philosophy of science informs my interest in methodology, what we are actually talking about when we explain phenomena by means of mechanisms, and the conceptual landscape we create as scientists more generally.


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