this weekend's project: tid


Today, I created the little clock system information bar that I have been looking for.

screenshot of tid in action

A screenshot of tid in action.

Take a look at the sources if you like. And feel free to try it for yourself, if you have a minute to figure out any quirks.

It is very under construction, right now. But I like it a lot.

When run, it spawns an itty bitty window in the top-left (0, 0) corner of the screen.


The window contains four little blocks:


Currently, tid supports .uf2 fonts. By default, it is built to read the cream12.uf2 font from /etc/tid/fonts.


As I mention in the README (see the git repo), nice configuration is non-existent. Any changes must be done through modifying the source code, currently. I may make a more flexible configuration option in the future, but I can’t promise that, since the current setup is very well-molded to my preferences already.

but can you add …?

If it’s cool, cute, and light-weight, I’d love to! Get in touch through an email or dm or patch or something.