Wednesday is when I start to more fully understand the matters I thought about on Monday and Tuesday. On those days, I experiment and build confidence through delightful early solutions. On Wednesday I come to face that I was wrong through uneasy findings. It is a day where I realize it was not all that accurate, what I believed. Not in the pleasant way, but in the sad way.

wednesday can make me sad

On Wednesday I find myself texting my friends that I feel sad. One friend often shares my midweek misery. She explains our dread by pointing out it is Wednesday. She is right.

wednesdays change when I take a break

My friend will suggest we take a break together, on Wednesday. She is right. Later on Wednesday, I will come and find her or she will come to my office. Sometimes we meet at the shop to get some food. It is always nice. We talk about our Wednesday. I am glad we do that.

wednesdays are pleasant when they are known

By the time we have found each other, I often feel quite well already. Recognizing the Wednesday is what makes them easier. It makes me see that I am sad because I have gained the wisdom to reject my early findings. That knowing why I have come to reject them places me on a cool path to what I want to demonstrate on Friday. I often do work that I like on Wednesday.