Here I have listed some things that I have going on right now that I also care to have floating out there on the web.


Whenever I do computers, I do a lot of rust. This has been the case for a long time now, and I still really love it.

Over the past two weekends, I have worked on my terminal xvg graph viewer called phrace.

Another weekend project of mine is a slideshow program, that I have given the working title of leif. It takes a file in my own markup language and turns them into slides. Font rendering in pixel fonts, image dithering, layout engine that drives me crazy. All the good stuff.

I’ve gotten very interested in going through the source code of some of the software I use in research. Especially the Gromacs source seems interesting to me. Did I say I currently have a thing for molecular dynamics?

In fact, for the past summer I have hit my head on my desk from time to time in a number of disparate attempts at writing an xtc compressed trajectory file format reader. This is dumb and misguided, since I only work on the project when I am utterly tired, and the intricate bit compression scheme requires more concentration than I can realistically muster.

Whenever I find myself working on stuff like this, I post about my progress on mastodon. Sometimes I also stream my work on these projects.


Last summer, I got my BSc degree in Biology, with a major in Molecular Life Sciences. Currently I am working towards my Master’s degree in Biomolecular Sciences.

weekends—the shape of the year

I have been very good in doing weekends, so far in this (academic) year. That is really cool and important.