a page in progress

The page from my notebook.

The page from my notebook.

This idea started when I discovered a beautiful page from a notebook I used over the summer. On that page, I had drawn a couple of digit sets in a 2×3 rectangle, according to a small set of rules.

A zine page hand-written and hand-drawn.

A zine page describing how to draw seis1 characters.2

The rules are simple:

I like to use dot-grid paper, or draw the 12 dots myself on a blank sheet, and use them to guide my lines.

As soon as I came across that page, I started playing around with creating characters in this way, again. Making little drawings like that reminded me of drawing similar things together with a dear friend who I’ve known my whole life. By sharing this, I hope to give anybody reading this the same joy.

the garden

Want to share a nice seis font you designed? Feel free to send it to or any other way of reaching me. If you want, I can display them right here in our little garden.

A stylized set of digits.

A set of 32×48 pixel digits.1

A stylized set of digits.

A set of chonky digits drawn in an experimental browser editor for seis fonts that Maya is making.


The name, “seis”, is the Frisian word for “six”.


Work in progress for the zine page.


Work in progress and elsewhere.

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